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7 Kinks That Are Popular

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different kinks that are roaming out in the wild right now, but we've compiled a list of seven that you may have heard of, or could potentially be interested in! Please note that not all of the kinks that are listed here may speak out to everybody, but the import

nt part is to stay kink positive and remain non-judgmental – we're all just trying to have a good time here, and it's crucial that everyone is on the same page before engaging in any kind of adventurous bedroom play!

BDSM – Numerous studies have been conducted throughout the years and have come to discover that nearly 50% of the American pop

ulation has explored, or at least experimented, with some type of BDSM during the course of their lives. From bondage and discipline, to dominance and submission, to sadism and masochism – out of all the kinkiest forms of sexual exploration out there, it happens to be one of the most commonly practiced! Activities practiced under this term are characterized by the application of and adherence to informed consent, although some of its more extravagant features have often led to misconceptions about BDSM that have resulted in plenty of injury. Please exercise caution and always use the safest practices when taking your bedroom game up a notch or two!

Sexual Fetishism – Similar to squares and rectangles, fetishes can occasionally be defined as a kink; but not all kinks are considered fetishes! A sexual fetish is typically defined as an erotic fixation on a certain feature, such as a specific body part like feet, or objects like types of clothing, such as rubber, leather, and so on. Bear in mind that fetishes can also refer to an interest in specific sexual activities on a broader scale, and just like BDSM, must always be approached with a mindset of mutual consent!

Watersports – Also called "urolagnia", watersports is the act of urinating on yourself or your partner for sexual gratification. Practiced for centuries in many different ways and forms, we recommend performing this technique in a spot that's easy to clean up after dirty time is done and over with, such as a shower or bathtub.

Voyeurism – Ranking right up there with BDSM on the list of most consumed types of pornography among Americans, voyeurism is a sexual interest in observing other people participate in intimate behaviors, such as undressing or intercourse. As it stands with other kinks, consent must be given and received from all parties before any kind of naughty peeping occurs!

Female in leather bondage gear. Blog post about 7 Top Kinks

Exhibitionism – On the polar opposite side of the voyeur spectrum, this kink involves an interest in engaging in intimate behaviors in public spaces, such as undressing or even intercourse. While the both of us at EYK are absolutely enthralled by this kind of experience, we have to remind everyone that public sex is illegal just about everywhere you can think of, so please make sure to vet your spots and always practice responsibly! Having sex in front of an audience can be a fun time, but it's not for everyone, so also take the feelings of other people into consideration as well – as much of a no-brainer as it may seem here!

Furry – Practiced both as a kink and a lifestyle, furries are people that create a fictive animal-themed character and engage with other similar-minded individuals, occasionally with the aims of interacting sexually. Furries are, unfortunately, highly stigmatized on account of misconceptions and incorrect connotations with bestiality; it is far more accurate to perceive furries as a sublet of roleplay with a wholly dedicated and inclusive community of people from all walks of life, from artists to performers and everyone in between.

Cuckolding – Unlike traditional definitions of the word, sexual cuckolding involves one person being complicit in their partner's "infidelity" with another partner. The appeal behind the fantasy involves consent from the submissive partner, who encourages their lover to engage in the act for them, though it can often occur the other way around, and cannot work in the proper context if the designated cuckold is being humiliated against their will.

These are just a handful of the many different kinks that the both of us at EYK are hoping to bring to the spotlight with our regular blog posts and site updates. If you have any questions about a specific type of kink you want to learn about, please feel free to contact us for information!

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