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Conversation About Masturbation

I do not think this subject is involved in our conversations that much, and they should be. If we talk to our friends, and partners about other sexual endeavors why are we not talking that much about masturbation? Why in 2023 are there so many people out there that still think of masturbation as taboo? It shouldn't be in fact performing masturbation and talking about masturbation can elevate your sexual experiences with your partners as well.

Why Is Masturbation Important

Now for some of us, we know why masturbation is important, but I wanted to touch base on this topic because there are people who are just now exploring their sexuality and desires and might not know why its such an important part of who we are as sexual beings.

Masturbation has health benefits to men and woman, especially if you are not actively engaging in sex with other people. The old term use it or loose it applies to our sexual organs just as it would with anything else. Its very important to keep these parts of our body functioning and going for not only our physical health but our mental health as well.

Masturbation is also important when it comes to our sex lives with our partners as well. The reason for this is if you masturbate and try new things and really explore your body you can find out what gives you the most pleasure. This is something you can discuss casually with your partner or partners and let them know hey touching me like this here, will really bring me to climax. I mean really, how are you going to know what pleases you unless you spend sometime giving yourself some self love?

People of different backgrounds.

Masturbation can be different with all of us, and there is no correct way to do it. Now there are probably some of you out there that are doing it, but going its boring. You need new ideas on how to please yourself alone, and wanting to know what others may be doing. This is why we said masturbation needs to be part of the conversation. We would love to have you as part of this conversation over on our Reddit community. Come and join the conversation

Now we did some research of some articles out there on masturbation and hope you find them useful.

Sex Toys Can Enhance Masturbation

If you are getting bored with how you are masturbating check into some sex toys. Sex toys can really spice this area of your sexual life up by a ton! Let your imagination run wild and view all the different sex toys that are on the market today. You will definitely find something that you will enjoy using during your masturbation sessions, and might even find a toy or two that you and your partner can use to elevate things in your bedroom.

Do not be ashamed to talk about masturbation during your other sexual chats with your friends, and some of you are probably going I do not talk about sex with my friends. Well why aren't you doing it? Live a sex positive life and be open about it. Its part of who we all are.

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