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Hematolagnia, the Blood Play Fetish

For those of you out there with a darker taste in fetish play, perhaps you may be interested in the premise of hematolagnia – otherwise known as “blood play” – the psychosexual arousal to blood.

From the title character of Bram Stoker’s Dracula to his mythological counterparts, the act of consuming blood is just as morbidly fascinating as it can be terrifying to behold. But blood play has earned a spot among the taboo as part of a series of injury-related fetishes that have led to misconceptions about its actual practice. Hematolagnia is typically defined as a sexual attraction to the presence of blood on one’s partner, especially if they happen to be nude; the impulse to consume the blood is then gratified via licking or drinking, and can occasionally incorporate acts such as blood-letting or biting.

Like several other kinks, there is debate as to whether or not hematolagnia constitutes itself underneath the broader label of BDSM as part of the “sadism/masochism” aspect. Those involved in the vampire lifestyle, for example, might perceive blood play as neither fetish nor kink, but as a crucial part of their culture and personal identity. Others might view it as an exchange of power, or a means of achieving symbiosis between partners.

All of this being said, however, there are plenty of health-related risks that are associated with the consumption of blood, and there is a very real risk of serious injury or even death if the proper steps are not taken to ensure the safety and consent of all parties involved.

Whether you’re wanting to indulge your inner beast or mix it up in time for Halloween, read on further to explore this sanguine temptation for yourself.

An important factor to take into consideration is that, even though hematolagnia involves the presence and/or consumption of blood, it is unrelated to the knife play fetish and should not be assumed that both are interconnected with one another. If a partner happens to be into both kinds of kink play, and another partner is into only one of these (or none at all!), it is important to communicate these boundaries with one another before any kind of sex play occurs.

The idea of incorporating blood into sexual play can be an emotionally stirring experience for some people, and is one of the reasons why it remains a psychologically compelling form of kink play; one of the most common forms of blood play involves the use of a woman’s menstrual blood. Another form of play is to paint blood on the body of yourself or your partners. Yet another way to enjoy it is to consume it by drinking, although this method is not without its inherent risks.

Between the two of us, neither me nor my partner are able to participate in this form of kink play on account of our uneasy stomachs at the sight of blood. Listed below are a couple of links about this topic in the hopes that it will better elaborate on the subject further than we have, and if anybody else would like to contribute or offer their own insights into their experiences with hematolagnia, please email or get a hold of us through social media!

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