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How To Sustain a Long-Distance Relationship

A common thread between people involved in a long-distance relationship often involves the element of absence, especially with regards to physical intimacy and romance. Many people often confuse this absence with deprivation, and these sorts of hang ups will run the risk of jeopardizing a partnership, no matter how happy or functional it may seem to be at first. It is absolutely essential to keep the passion in your relationship stoked, especially if you’ve made a commitment to stay involved despite however much space there is between you, and we hope to offer you some insights and pointers on how to keep things relevant no matter how far you are away from each other.

There are over a dozen different ways that you can take in order to improve the quality of your long-distance relationship. The most important rule to consider during all of this, is to maintain your capacity to express your feelings during the long-distance relationship; an absence of communication will almost always lead to a breakdown in the quality of your romance. Listed below are a few suggestions that may help you to boost the pizazz in your long-distance relationship.

Sweet Talk - The most fundamental aspect of any relationship, regardless of how much distance there is between you and your partner, is to maintain communication with one another, but this goes further than simply keeping a line open. Do you miss your partner? Tell them how much you do! Do you enjoy their presence, even with the addition of extra space? Let them know that! Can’t get enough of them? Go the distance to remind them just how much you love them! When applied correctly, sweet talk doesn’t become ingratiating and can lead to a deeper sense of fulfillment during the times your partner can’t be present for you.

Careful Listening - If effective speaking is one half of communication, then it stands to reason that effective listening should be the other half of this equation. Not only is it important for you to be able to express your feelings, but your partner needs that same degree of room for their own expressions if you want the relationship to actually thrive. Sharing both of your needs and wants in equal measure will invariably enable you to build and fortify the romantic elements of your relationship with far less difficulty.

Love Notes - Cheesy as it may appear, you can never underestimate the value of a good old-fashioned love note. Include little missives whenever you send something your partner’s way, such as a letter or gift, to remind them just how much you care about and appreciate them. If you get an opportunity to meet face-to-face, slip a note into their wallet, handbag, coat pocket, etc., when their attention is on you. It could say anything from a simple “I miss you” to a full-blown correspondence between the two of you. It’s the little things that make a big difference!

Digital Kisses - Another concept that may come off as corny to some of you is the idea of sending a virtual kiss to your partner. Simply having a lip print of your lover somewhere, such as a handkerchief or a glass, can act as a reminder of their presence whenever they’re not able to be with you in the moment. In the same vein as a love note, you could slip a card with an imprint of your kiss in lipstick to your paramour, and it’ll serve to show them just how much you’re thinking about them.

Quality Time - Just like how there’s more than one way to skin a cat, you can opt to let the distance between yourselves become a thing of the past and spend precious time with your partner over the Internet. From streaming movies to playing online computer games or even talking with one another on the phone, what matters most is that you all enjoy the time spent. Form memories by talking about the happy times with each other. Never pass over an opportunity to have fun with your partner, because being able to enjoy each other’s company is a vital component to a successful and healthy relationship, no matter how far apart you are.

Courtesy and Respect - It should go without saying here, but maintaining the boundaries of respect and courtesy within the relationship are an important aspect of sustaining its long-term health. Always be sure to give your partner’s opinions and thoughts full consideration when making choices with each other, and also make sure that your own opinions and thoughts are given the same amount of space to flourish.

Compliments - If you really want to showcase exactly how much you appreciate your lover, try building their self-esteem with a compliment! Saying something nice and uplifting will help them to remember you as considerate and thoughtful, especially during the moments when you aren’t able to appreciate their niceties in person. It pays extra to have your compliments be sincere, as well! Your partner will surely feel appreciated knowing that their other half always has something sweet to say!

Virtual Sex - Believe it or not, in today’s age of technology, you can even engage in some hanky-panky with your lover at a distance! Manufacturers such as Lovense offer anyone the freedom to act out their fantasies by directly controlling and stimulating their partner’s haptic responses through their signature range of electronic sex toys and compatible app software. With these high-tech devices at your disposal, distance will no longer be an issue!

Let us know how you keep things relevant between your long-distance relationship and share your thoughts with others looking to do the same!

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