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Local Businesses We Recommend In The Quad Cities

Recently, we've been exploring the Quad Cities a lot more in anticipation of launching ourselves locally; our expectation here is to begin offering everyone a quick and discrete means of buying their favorite toys and products from the best distributors on the market at specially designated locations.

In our search for the perfect storefronts, we've managed to discover and really become endeared to a small handful of other venues that caught our attentions. We've compiled our favorite places below for the sake of amplifying local business and bringing wider attention to the Quad Cities area as a greater whole. Give these shops a visit while you're in town!

Smoke Shops and Wellness Centers

East Village Vape Cafe - Davenport, Iowa

When you first walk through the red door of this quiet shop, you are welcomed inside with a cozy and positive atmosphere. The vendors are hospitable, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work, offering a wide selection of high quality products at affordable prices. Their commitment to helping the Quad Cities community puts this location at the top of our list of recommended smoke shops.

They offer wellness items, CBD for you and your pets, numerous vaping products, rigs, mods, oils, health and sexual enhancement supplements, and a whole lot more. This uniquely delightful shop can be found at 1203 Jersey Ridge Road in Davenport, Iowa, located in the Village of East Davenport.

If you would like to connect with this Quad City business, head on over and follow them on their Facebook page. East Village Vape Cafe Facebook Page

Restaurants and Fast Food

Uncle Bill's Pizza East - Davenport, Iowa

Uncle Bill's Pizza is one of two locations in Davenport, Iowa that are named such; for ease of reference, this particular write-in covers the East Locust Street branch of Uncle Bill's Pizza. You can order for delivery or carry-out at this location, and in the event of the latter, customers have the luxury of being able to receive their order at the drive-thru window.

The both of us ordered a large meat deluxe pizza and a pound of hot wings from this store just a few days ago, and we were more than pleased with our decision! The amount of cheese and toppings were evenly balanced with one another, and were perfectly complimented by the spiciness of the hot wings.

You can visit Uncle Bill's Pizza East at 1407 East Locust Street in Davenport, Iowa. Their phone number is 563-322-8600.

Mantra Indian Cuisine - Davenport, Iowa

For those of you who are especially passionate about authentic Indian cuisine, you'll be guaranteed to love eating at Mantra Indian Cuisine.

When you first walk in, you'll notice that the building has a bit of age to it, yet is maintained to an impeccable standard. Only the first floor is available for dining, but you'll quickly find the environment to be cozy and welcoming as soon as you find a place to sit. The service offered to its customers is incredible, and you're practically guaranteed to find something that'll tickle your palate on their extensive menu of courses.

One thing you will notice here is the absence of salt and pepper shakers; if you've never eaten Indian food before, trust us when we say, you won't even need to think about it here! Every bite is bursting with a bouquet of flavors, whether you order it mild or spicy, and with the sheer amount of food you'll be getting, don't hesitate to take leftovers home with you!

Mantra Indian Cuisine can be found at 220 North Harrison Street in Davenport, Iowa. Their phone number is 563-424-5500.

Mantra Indian Cuisine Website Their online menu is only a sample of what they offer at the restaurant.

Clothes Shops & Boutiques

Wind Dancer Boutique - Davenport, Iowa

This small storefront can be found in the Village of East Davenport across from the Village Theater. An eclectic boutique in their own words, this little shop offers a vast selection of clothes, accessories, jewelry, home decor, and art items for everyone that aspires to add a touch of the bohemian to their lives

. Enter through the door and be greeted by a burst of pungent incense as you allow yourself to take in everything laid out; you're practically certain to find something that'll strike your fancy here!

Not only can you find all kinds of gifts to elevate your personal life, 2% of all Wind Dancer's profits are donated to Family Resources Survivor services in honor of the store founder's late mother, Julieanne "Wind" Kazmierski. We are both thoroughly captivated by this location and wholeheartedly admire its ongoing mission to act as a positive force within the community, and we encourage everyone, locals and tourists alike, to give this boutique a visit at your earliest convenience!

Wind Dancer can be found at 2114 East 11th Street in Davenport, Iowa. Their phone number is 563-320-0008.

We will be adding more to this local blog post as we visit new various small businesses in the Quad City area.

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