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Mr. and Mrs. Iowa Leather Are No More After 2023

ILW made a huge change in their yearly contest, starting in 2024 there will be only one contest winner per category and any category that gender marks someone has been removed. Yes that's right, after this year Mr. and Mrs. Iowa Leather titles will be retired and the winner of the 2024 ILW will be Iowa Person of Leather.

The move for ILW is be more inclusive with all of their participants of their club. They been accepting of trans participants for quite a few years and even had them compete. The winner of the ILW will still have to compete under their gender when going to Nationals, but on the local level Mr. and Mrs will be no more.

Congratulations To 2023 ILW Winners

The 2023 Iowa Leather Weekend Title holders are:

Mr. Iowa Leather 2023 - Chad Seader

Iowa Pet of 2023 - Dojo GoodBoy

Ms. Iowa Leather 2023 - True Facade

Iowa Bear 2023 - Michael Weeks

A lot of work is put into preparing for this event, and all the participants deserve a well round of applause. This event gets better every year, and were all looking forward to the 2024 Iowa Leather Weekend.

ILW 2023 Winners

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