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Mr. Hankeys Sex Toys

When we created Elevate Your Kinky, we did it in mind to bring you top of the line information and top of the line sex toys. Well you can't get more top of the line when it comes to dildos then Mr. Hankeys Toys! Mr. Hankeys Toys has been around for many years and is the trusted name around the world when it comes to realistic and fantasy dildos. You will not find any other quality dildo to match Mr. Hankeys Toys.

If you are reading this right now and never heard of Mr. Hankeys Toys, then lets tell you about them really quick. Mr. Hankeys dildos has been around since 1995 I believe. I could be wrong with the year. They make award winning dildos that are either realistic molded from popular porn stores cocks, and they make some of the out there uber exciting Sci Fi dildos as well.

Mr. Hankeys dildos has won many awards in the sex toy industry and in the porn industry. There are a lot of porn stars that love to use these sex toys in their movies. Mr. Hankeys Toys are made with the highest quality body safe silicone that is constantly tested and improved to make sure you are receiving the best quality and the safest. This way you can insert a Mr. Hankey Toy in your body and not have to worry. Just have fun!

We are currently building our Mr. Hankeys Page here on our website. However it will be up in the next 24 hours, so more then likely you are reading this and the page is live. So come on over and browse some of Mr. Hankey's toys and learn more about them on our website. Then you will be able to go and order directly from the manufacture for the best price through our website!

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