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Known formally as "paraphilic infantilism", ABDL is an acronym that stands for "adult baby/diaper lovers". People who practice this kink fall under one of two general categories, which constitute the components of ABDL: there are adult babies, individuals who roleplay as infants or very young children; and there are diaper lovers, people who fetishize the wearing of and, occasionally, use of diapers.

The both of us at Elevate Your Kinky have no personal experience engaging in this type of bedroom play, so much of the information we have to provide is sourced from various parts of the Internet; as a new and growing information archive for all thinks kinky, we strive to make sure that our definitions and descriptions of these activities are up to date and free of bias. If you want to help us sharpen our database and offer us some firsthand insight into what your favorite ways to get freaky are all about, we accept all suggestions, questions and comments through our email at

To learn more about ABDL in detail, check out this description of age play.

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