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Sexual roleplay is an activity where one or more people act out various roles in order to fulfill a particular sexual fantasy. It may also constitute as a form of foreplay and can be sexually arousing for some individuals. 


Many people have regarded sexual roleplay as a channel for overcoming particular inhibitions that one might have in the bedroom. The fantasy may take place in the real world, or it may take place in a virtual setting, such as an internet forum, a chat room, a video game, or email; in the latter cases, this allows for physically impossible erotic interests to be explored. 


How seriously the roleplay is taken depends entirely on the participants, and the scenario may be anywhere from simple and makeshift to detailed and elaborate, and may even include costumes and scripts for the participants to use. The scenario may involve a fantasy based on any social role and could incorporate whatever sexual fetish is desired by the participants. The roleplay may also involve elements of dominance and submission, including sexual bondage and erotic humiliation, if it is desired by all consenting parties. 


Depending on the type of scenario, the roleplaying may be done before spectators, and bystanders may become unknowing participants in a roleplay. For example, the scene may involve house gets or transition from a couple’s home into a public space; another role may require one or more partners to flirt with a stranger, or for one partner to seduce the other one’s friend, etc.


As it is with all other forms of kinky bedroom play, we highly recommend that everyone communicates their desires and limits with one another before engaging in any sort of roleplay. Consent is a requirement for any positive sexual experience, and we ask that you make sure everyone is comfortable with one another and to follow your local laws when engaging in risky sexual activities. 


List of Common Roleplay Scenarios


  • Doctor/Nurse & Patient: A variety of medical fetishism where the participants play the roles of a doctor, or nurse, and a patient undergoing examination.

  • Escort & Client: One partner takes on the role of a paid escort and offers the other partner an encounter with them.

  • Executive & Secretary: One partner assumes the position of a business executive while the other partner acts as their secretary.

  • Handyman & Housewife: The tradesman enters the housewife’s home with the initial intent of carrying out maintenance or repair work for them.

  • Master & Slave: The one acting as the slave is required to comply with all of the master’s demands.

  • Photographer & Model: A scenario that allows one partner to photograph the other as a precursor to sexual activity.

  • Stripper & Client: One of the participants performs a striptease for the other partner/s.

  • Teacher & Student: One partner dresses and acts the part of a student and must do as the teacher instructs, or face punishment.

  • Ringmaster & Lion: The one acting the role of “lion” is given a demand by the “ringmaster” and must perform it for the sake of entertainment.

  • Sex Doll & Doll Owner: The partner assuming the role of the doll must stay still and be completely obedient to the owner’s suggestions. 

  • Pilot & Flight Attendant: One partner plays the role of an airplane pilot while the other acts as their seductive flight attendant. 

  • Soldier & Girlfriend: A soldier returning from duty is surprised by his girlfriend with a stunning lingerie set.


Other Varieties of Roleplay


  • Ageplay: An individual acts and/or treats another participant as if they were a different age than they currently are. The roleplay can either be regressive, in which the goal is to recreate the experience of childhood, or sexual, in which participants engage in erotic activities with other participants pretending to be a different age than they are. Generally this can involve someone pretending to be younger than they actually are, but can also occasionally involve assuming the role of an older person, as well.

  • Animal Roleplay: One or more individuals are treated as a non-human animal, such as a dog, a pony, or a cat. 

  • Authority Figure & Misbehaving Adult: A partner takes on the role of an authority figure and humiliates or blackmails the other partner into performing sexual activity.

  • Clown Kink: An expression of coulrophilia between a young person and a performing circus clown, jester, or mime. 

  • Gender Play: Where one or more participants take on the role of a different gender.

  • Incest Play: One or more participants play the role of family members.

  • Owner & Object: A kind of roleplay where the “owner” treats the “object” as something inanimate, like a piece of furniture. 

  • Prison Play: Situational play set in a prison environment. As real-life prisons are same-sex communities, this fantasy lends itself to same-sex activities and settings. Opposite-gender play is also possible between inmates and guards, or when the setting includes co-ed facilities. Prison play can also be an expansion of a uniform fetish. 

  • Torturer & Prisoner: One player takes the part of the “captor” who abuses the “prisoner”. This can also include ravishment and kidnap scenarios. 

  • Uniform Fetishism: One or more participants dresses up in a complete uniform, such as a cheerleader outfit, a French maid costume, etc., while other participants take on the role of an authority figure, such as a parent, teacher, coach, or police officer. 

  • Supernatural Seductions: One participant plays the part of a predatory creature, like a vampire, incubus, or werewolf, and seduces, enthralls, or claims the other participant as a victim.


If you are curious about role play always use consent with your partner, and have fun! Role play also does not have to be just about sex. It can be simply the act of playing someone else and just letting go of the your current world at the moment. 

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