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Water sports is proably towards the top of the list of kinks that most people would find taboo. However its practiced behind closed doors by much more people then you would think. Water sports is also known as piss play, golden showers, etc. There are many reasons people are into this kind of kinky fetish and were going to inform you of those on this page.

Just like any of our kink information pages, these informational pages are always up for debate, addition, feed back and changes based on the community as we continue to grow ours. If you are passionate about a fetish or kink and would like to add information, or suggests changes please email us at

Is It Safe To Engage In Water Sports?

There are always risks involved in the exchange of bodily fluids; a person suffering from an infection of their bladder or urinary tract may pass it along to their partner, and the likelihood of infection increases exponentially if there are open wounds present near the mouth, vagina, anus, or anywhere else on the body. 

We strongly encourage you and your partners to be transparent with one another regarding the status of your health, and to avoid engaging in water sports while there are infections or wounds present. Always remember to thoroughly hydrate yourselves, as well, to minimize the risks of transferring infections or diseases. 

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Watersports For Beginners


Why and How To Perform Watersports

 Watersports, to put it very basically here, is an activity based on a fascination with urine.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not always a BDSM thing and is practiced by all sexualities, not just gay guys. It is sometimes used as a way to mark someone's territory, showing a new level of trust in a relationship, or just plain out looking for the thrill of the humiliation of being peed on. There are many reasons people practice this kink.

We encourage you to watch the videos we have on this page for more through expertise on the the watersports fetish.

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