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Age play is a greatly misunderstood kink, one that is hardly discussed in open circles on account of the stigma that many of its practitioners are liable to face. It is when one or more individuals pretend that they are, in multiple aspects, a different age than their current one. It can be a form of escapism, as practitioners do not, and are not, always participating in this kink with the intent of sexual gratification, however some individuals do pursue age play for sexual reasons as well.


A major appeal behind age play lies in a desire to shed the responsibilities of your current self and achieve a sense of safety and freedom; similar analogs can be found in like dominant-submissive partnerships, such as "daddies" and "sons", for example. Age play is commonly mistaken as a gateway to pedophilia or similar crimes, but this is not the case – as it is with any kink or fetish, age play must involve mutual consent from all respective parties, and everyone must be over the legal age of consent.

People who practice age play serve a particular role in the relationship. Most of these roles are left to the individual's preference and often remain consistent throughout the dynamic, but some folks can be a little imaginative and switch things up from time to time!


Adult babies are people that enjoy regressing to a completely infantile state of mind. Some of their general activities in this mindset include sucking on pacifiers, sitting in cribs, and having all of their basic needs taken care of for them. Much of their behavior is also evocative of regular babies; they'll gurgle, they'll cry, and, occasionally, they'll stick a marble up their nose. Such is the way of an adult baby; people that blur the lines between infancy and their adult selves and meet halfway in the middle.

Playtime for an adult baby usually does not incorporate any sort of sexual element and will often involve toys and games intended for children of that age; for all intents and purposes, these people are just looking for a valve to release their stresses, an opportunity to momentarily cast their adult responsibilities aside and, through the help of their partner, be free to have all of their desires and needs tended to. This also may include their toileting needs, too, depending on the agreements made between each person.

Related to adult babies are diaper lovers; people who either intensely fetishize the usage and wearing of diapers, or those who simply enjoy donning them as part of the roleplaying aspect that comes with being an adult baby. It's important to note that not everyone that practices adult baby play also involves themselves in diaper play, and vice versa.


Littles are described as people with personalities that never grew up. These individuals like to imagine and act as if they are a young child to escape the stresses of their real lives. It can be said that little play is its own form altogether, as not all littles participate in age play. It is also common for there to be an absence of any sexual elements or qualities, something that littles do share with practitioners of age play.

Typical activities for littles can be dressing in rompers, eating junk foods, coloring with crayons, and watching movies appropriate for young children.

If you define yourself as a little and would like to see this definition expanded upon more, please email us at


Middles are people that roleplay a young teen of some fashion. Because teenagers begin to develop their personalities in far more nuanced ways by this point, their interests are as wide and varied as an adult's could be; typical middle activities may revolve around video games, socializing with peers, experimenting with substances, or not wanting to engage in daily responsibilities like laundry or washing dishes.

More often than not, middles demonstrate rebellious tendencies, and more so than littles might. There may be a power dynamic between them and their partner, and punishment can occasionally be part of the fun. Such middles are called brats, in reference to these mischievous tendencies, and can often be found engaging in BDSM, pup play, and other varieties of kink.

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The counterpart to a little, middle, or adult baby is the big – the person who’s playing the role of the "parent". Broadly speaking, roleplaying as a big is as simple as going forward under the assumption that you have a child to contend with, however the big is also counted on to offer protection and safety to their charge, in addition to taking care of their daily needs. In these instances, it helps to be yourself.

Or, equally, don’t be yourself! If you’re the big in a given partnership with somebody, you might wish to adopt the role of a mommy, daddy, teacher, uncle, or any other caregiver position. It depends entirely on what feels right for you and your partner, and what comes naturally to you.


For lots of people, the practice of age play eschews sexual dynamics – for them, the experience involves the release of responsibilities and adopting a child-like mindset free of adult constraints. Such age players might be cuddly and affectionate, but they may not feel comfortable with participating in activities of a sexual nature.

On the opposite side of the coin, age play can be a sexual experience for some, and this can, understandably, make those unfamiliar with the kink incredibly uneasy; the mere premise of age play can be a trigger for survivors of child sexual abuse, and some people are also under the impression that it's incorrect to act out such fantasies, even under controlled settings and without the presence of actual minors.

It’s important to remember that, as with many kinks and fetish-related activities, sexual age play is a fantasy based purely in the realm of imagination. It is something that only consenting adults may engage in, and i entirely separate from age-based attraction and child sexual abuse.

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